dimanche 25 mai 2014

Searching an English dictionary for Android.

I have searched an English-English dictionary compatible with the American Heritage Dictionary (AHD) pronunciation key and found nothing on Google Play.
The AHD for android  ($23!) doesn't work with recent versions of android and need to work online!...
The AHD pronunciation key isn't available in other version.

I don't understand that -with so many software available on the market-  we still can't find the solution we need.
Perhaps I don't really need it!

I had to Google from outside the the Play Store to discover that  an AHD software exists but is not available for my version of android.

The problem exists also with other type of software:
in spite of a large number of software I find it difficult  to find rapidly what I need using a search engine.

I don't know..... perhaps we should have a special search engine for each categories of software.
Some criteria that might be useful with dictionary:
--online offline (for which functionality)
-- synonyms
-- leaning modules
-- pronunciation keys
--  list of languages (English-English , English-French,....)
-- ....
Making statistics about the keys used by people to search what they need might give some hint about criteria  that should be offered .

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