jeudi 24 mai 2018

Google Chrome and authorisations.

For my router I have decided not to store the password using chrome.
My router doesn't allow to logout. I haven't found the option and I don't think there is any.
If I only close the tab having the connection with the router, chrome doesn't ask again a password. All tab connected to the router being closed,  I still  can open a new one without the need to type again the user/password.
To close completely the connection I need to close all instance of chrome. I find it unacceptable.
I know very well that if they want my password they will get it.
But I liked that somebody without computer knowledge, would not have   the possibility to access as easily my router. Particularly if I choose not to store the password.

mardi 1 mai 2018

hp deskjet 3520 all in one

This is one of the problems you get when you are online.

This printer ( hp deskjet 3520 all in one ) was working normally with the the windows 10 system until it says there is no driver any more . 
I didn't supresse the driver and even try to re-install the the printer. But the system is adamant : no driver and no way to print any more!

In other other words:
You better buy another printer because this one is too old or you don't buy anymore our cartridge.

I think HP - if they are responsable for this problem-  should be happy and proud that I can still use the 3520 model:

Buy a Hp printer, it will work untill somebody decide it is too old!

I'am afraid that one way to resolve this problem would be to  finally forbid electronic signature for jet-printer's cartridge.

I finally found a way to reinstall the driver and to make it work.
Using only the windows-driver installation wasn't enough. I don't think I have made an error. I shouldn't have needed to run another software to get the printer again in the printer-choice menu. Such problem can lead to not using the printer for a long time and having the jet-printer-nozzle definitevely obstructed.