jeudi 9 mai 2013

Method that allow to find back a video or music file on internet.

Suppose I have a video like a porn and I'd like to find a link to its original site or another site.I could try to use the file name but it is likely to change and even to be different on each site.So the only way I see is to sign video-datas with MD5 (or any other signature method)  and to include this signature in the html page that does support the file.
Thus we would have a chance to find again the Urls that lead to the files trough search-engines
We could have also signatures independent from compression methods and compression level.
Signatures that work like the one used  in forensic science to recognize human face.

I find signatures an interesting problem in our new world, it might be very usefull in a wide range of areas linked to stochatiscs behavior  for exemple I have thought of something in the field of  currency trading.

We could even consider our human science-sytem as a signature of the universe.

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