dimanche 26 août 2018

Google chrome and reuters

I have limited amount of data using internet (16go per month).

When visiting reuters.com or t bbc.com I get videos that are partially played.
They replace thumbnail pictures for videos.
These new "thumbnail-videos"  consume a lot of data-volume.
So I search a way not to play automatically these videos.
I must need to learn to use Chrome because I haven't found how to.

I have the inner belief  that if I subscribe for  50go a month they will find a way to make me spend the 50 before the 15th of the month.

So I try Firefox and get only pictures. Amasing!

The cost of datas isn't the only problem.
As in youtube the site continue constantly serving the next item to keep us busy on the site.
So I not only loss money but  also time and ability to concentrate.

I suppose some people let those sites play the whole day as some let the TV play without watching.

Is the cost of one Go so low on the internet that it allow pushing  people's consumption in such a manner?

Do they want us to switch to unlimited subscription?

I understand mister Trump threaten them to pay for it.

If I can't access internet because I  need to pay more for it then  I might momentarily stop to shop using internet.
If I use a lot of data-volume in spite of having unlimited subscription then the internet provider might need to lower  my bandwidth.

It could be a bad idea but internet providers could give the possibility to servers  to know what amount of data-volume a client  as already used (based on the IP) and what is its data-volume's credit. It might even become  a standard service provided by the Internet Protocol.

Of course I still like very much chrome! It is my favorite!

But I might use Firefox to consult news.

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